Prince Eliban II

The Great Betrayer


The third child of King Tylaric, Eliban II was born in 5-421. In 5-458 he attempted to seize the throne from is ailing sister Queen Azala. He failed only because despite his worst efforts, he was not able to corrupt the Order of the Azure Star.

After his defeat and capture, Queen Azala made the mistake of exiling her beloved brother rather then having him executed. He escaped his guards and disappeared only to return to Pelenhar in 5-493 as Osgrig the Black, the Necromancer Lord of Avend Dror. No one knows where or how her achieved mastery over these black arts but leading a combined force of undead and goblins of the Urzykrial tribe, nearly toppled the King. Again the Knights of the Azure Star as well as the Legion of Iron defeated Eliban.

His nephew, King Kornig the Red held none of his mothers compassion and in 5-497 Osgrig the Black was executed and his ashes spread to the eight winds.

During the Black Winds of 5-511 Eliban returned, greatly changed and calling himself Osgrig the Grey, an undead Necromatic Master, risen again to destroy in death what he could not destroy in life. As great as his threat was, in 5-512 Sir Kendrin of the Iron Legion and the 3 champions of Hazifor slew him in his own hall. His final words were “Finally the Azure Star and the Iron Legion serve me. The Daelisian throne is no more.”

So began the Began the Night of the Bloody Shadows

Prince Eliban II

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